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Inbound Call Center Service

Inbound Call Center Service

Signature ITCS has a reliable and efficient customer service in the area. Our service has experience in handling customer service perfectly. We have the outsourced customer service department that deal all the core business activity. We have dedicated and best team that deliver the best customer service in the area. We tailor the customer nicely and guide our team to ensure that they provide the best customer handling service. We have marked the name of the best customer service for the local and global businesses The operation of the specific Call Centre service required will be carried out in full talk with the customer. This will include areas such as how our officials or Dedicated agents answer the phone, the integration of your existing customer service policy and procedures and your internal ordering and customer management systems.

Our background includes a significant range of crisis administration situations, from administration and liquidation helplines for creditors and employees especially but not exclusively medical and financial, callers can quickly become distressed or worried. Our agents are trained to act in a calm manner with consideration and tact with the singular goal of issue resolution. We are also partners with renowned international Training Academies, like Empowered Training Centre, a world leader in the International Market, to work together to deliver world class training to our clients. By offering these services, we afford your business professional and seamless support. Signature ITCS service goes way beyond simply fulfilling your instructions and taking payment. We believe in providing quality Training, to each individual. All our multi-lingual teams are minimum bi-lingual (mother tongue and English) although many of the operatives on our roster speak 2-3 languages fluently. In addition, our Team Managers are able to converse with international clients in their own language.

Signature ITCS inbound credit card order line service is designed for both e-tail only businesses or for those who have a retail or catalogue business with an online e-tail arm. Any organization that processes credit card or debit card orders for their products or services, can take advantage of our service. With the ability to deal effortlessly with 'single product, single price' campaigns through to 'multiple product, multiple price' websites or catalogues, Signature ITCS specialist e-trailer team of highly trained and customer-focused agents all have first-class data entry skills that ensures every order is processed and handled with efficiency and accuracy. Adding your own inbound call and contact Centre facilities, Signature ITCS overflow and out of hours inbound call Centre services offer your business unparalleled elasticity to trade day and night, without working day and night.

By offering extended hours of operation and an increased yet cost effective call capacity, your service offering is enhanced and your business will benefit from increased sales, output and success, seven days a week. Campaigns are managed using the same quality control, monitoring, SLAs, processes and attention to detail we deploy to each client and the expertise we have is applied throughout each multi- lingual team. We understand the learning curve associated with each Agent; hence we go the extra mile in completing initial training in a professional/satisfactory manner from an internal and client standpoint. We will become a vital component of your ongoing business strategy and will accompany you and your business on your 'journey' from where you are today to where you want to be six months, a year or five years from now. At the conclusion of each call, the consumer can be given a reference number for future communication and calls are logged and recorded for client feedback. Every one of the call Centre services Signature ITCS offers can be offered in a foreign language and the benefits to your business include being able to open your doors to international trade without the need for a physical presence in each geographical location.